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mtvU, MTV Networks' Peabody and Emmy Award-winning 24-hour college network, and the Kaiser Family Foundation, in partnership with POZ Magazine, developed Pos or Not, a viral online game that confronts the stigma still surrounding HIV/AIDS more than 25 years after the first case of the disease was reported.

People from across the country – some of whom are living with HIV, some who are not – put their personal lives forward to challenge the stereotypes about who is affected by this disease. Based only on their photographs and personal information, players are asked if the individual is “Pos or Not.”

By showing that you can’t tell people’s HIV-status by the way they look or by their gender, age and interests, the game confronts stereotypes about who is affected by HIV/AIDS – while providing information about how to prevent the spread of the disease. Ultimately, Pos or Not aims to break down the barriers that prevent people from using protection, getting tested and talking openly about HIV. At the same time, the game helps reduce the stigma so many people already living with HIV face every day.

mtvU, the Kaiser Family Foundation and POZ Magazine are immensely grateful to the men and women who volunteered their personal stories for this game, as well as the countless organizations and individuals that helped with the outreach. College students helped conceive Pos or Not and are pioneering the future of digital activism every day, so the creators of the game are calling on users to imagine ways Pos or Not can be even more viral and impactful. Anyone with a vision for how the game can be effectively executed on other platforms (mobile, social networks, etc.), remixed, or in any way serve as an even more powerful call to action on the HIV/AIDS epidemic are encouraged to send ideas to MyIdeas@posornot.com.

For more information about Pos or Not, please email support@posornot.com.

For press inquiries, please email press@posornot.com.

Pos or Not harnesses the viral nature of the Web to effect a positive change on this important issue: so play the game and pass it on to your friends.

mtvU and the Kaiser Family Foundation, in partnership with POZ Magazine, launched the Change the Course of HIV Challenge in 2007. The nationwide contest asked college students to propose a viral, Web-based video game concept to provide information about HIV/AIDS and to promote personal action in response to the epidemic. The winning concept was submitted by a team of students from Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy and served as the inspiration for Pos or Not.